EWGA GN21 Handicap Service

GN21, provided by GolfNet, is a web-based, handicapping system included with your EWGA membership. Handicaps issued by GolfNet are sanctioned by the USGA and follow all the rules for handicaps established by the USGA.

Benefits of GN21:
  • It's included in your membership!
  • Post scores via EWGA website.
  • Print a handicap card on GN21 website.
  • View your scoring history.
  • Track personal game statistics.
  • Maintain a personal golf calendar.
  • Access 20,000+ golf course profiles.
  • Communicate with other members.
  • Attest scores for other members.

Ready to get started? Click here to log in at the EWGA Member Portal.
After logging in with your email and EWGA password, click on Post a Score on the left side of the page to enter the GN21 system.